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Well it’s about time?

Long time no update… Where to begin? Last year probably gets the title “Year of losing electronics”. I won’t go into details, but in short I got the following stolen: Three laptops One tablet One camera Two mobile phones A portable gaming console emulator In one of the cases I was a little bit too […]

Less is more?

I got around to fiddling a bit (no pun intended) with linuxsampler, paulstretch and the wonderful TAL plugins. Violin and glockenspiel are from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample pack. The sound levels are not properly adjusted, so there’s some clipping. Anyway, I thought it sounded rather nice anyway. Ah, the background noise is a stretched […]

First post!!!1!!!11!!oneone1!eleven

Finally I’ve actually done _something_ here… I registered excds.se and my Servage hosting account almost two years ago. During this time I kept coming up with excuses for putting anything up. “I have to read up on WordPress themes”, “I have to do/read X first before I do Y”… Instead of going with a “perfect” […]