Disorganized bits and pieces…


Instead of trying to write a long description of myself, which in the long run probably will be pointless, I’ll just mention some of the things I consider being facts about me.

  • Name: Daniel Sw├Ąrd
  • E-mail: excds@kth.se
  • Initial boot: 24 april 1978
  • Final segfault: Hopefully somewhat later
  • Location: Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany
  • Work: Currently working as a backend developer at Zalando
  • Education: Bachelor of science in computer science
  • Music: Mostly EBM (Electronic Body Music), industrial, electro and minimal/chip
  • What do I read: SciFi, fantasy, comic books (like “Lenore” or “Preacher”)
  • When not working: Programming, playing around with music software in Linux, arranging Syntax Error
    I also quite enjoy to hang out at the hackspace c-base, which is a quite interesting place to visit

My resume is available in English and Swedish, if you want to talk to me about interesting prospects. ­čÖé

Of course I’m on Facebook, Google plus, Youtube, Soundcloud, github and Twitter also… Well, available but with varying frequency of updates.