Disorganized bits and pieces…

Five hour project

Me and my friend Rickard decided that we’d play around with music. We had the following criteria:

  • It should sound a bit like Skinny puppy
  • When the day is over, there must be something uploaded to soundcloud


So, here’s the result. If you’re able to discern the lyrics, you’ll realize that it’s from a chapter in a book on discrete mathematics… ­čÖé

  • Amsynth for a “dirty” industrial sound in the intro.
  • Qtractor for sequencing and VST hosting.
  • Hydrogen for drums with tal dub 3 and some reverb with tal reverb.
  • Extra kick drum with tal noisemaker, tal filter 2 and tal dub 3.
  • Quirky synth using tal noisemaker and tal filter 2.
  • Zynaddsubfx for bass with some overdrive and flanger.
  • Rakarrack with the JimiVibe2 setting for vocals.
  • Lyrics was “6.4 A shortest-path algorithm” from the book “Discrete mathematics” by Richard Johnsonbaugh. Yes, math book. Seriously.
  • Vocals uttered by Rickard on lots of coffee.
  • All of this running on kxstudio, which you really really really should check out.