Disorganized bits and pieces…

Too little, too late…

I think I need to force myself to lower my level of seriousness when it comes to this. In the previous post I wrote “the procrastination stops here”. Hmm, well, it really didn’t, did it? If I’m going to get any practice in continued writing, I need to just write. Not to sit and ponder over what/how I should write or any special category. So, here it goes…

I finally took the time to upload the videos I took at Jochen Arbeit’s gig at Fylkingen last autumn:

What I apparently did take time to upload at that time was the Einstürzende Neubauten concert a day or two before Jochen’s side project:

I also filmed some clips from the Jean Michel Jarre concert in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago:

This is when Lydmor played in Örebro at the “Live at Heart” festival:

If you haven’t heard of Lydmor, you should definitely check out her stuff. FB-link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lydmor/117954458231343

This thursday KMDFM played at Debaser, and I’m quite annoyed that my camera died with one minute left of the song. 🙁

For this post I think I’ll finish up with “Church of Emacs” from when Richard M Stallman was speaking at Stockholm university this tuesday: