Disorganized bits and pieces…

Well it’s about time?

Long time no update… Where to begin?

Last year probably gets the title “Year of losing electronics”. I won’t go into details, but in short I got the following stolen:

  • Three laptops
  • One tablet
  • One camera
  • Two mobile phones
  • A portable gaming console emulator

In one of the cases I was a little bit too trusting and the other was when my bag was unattended a short while. Thank $DEITY that I had proper insurance… Yes, it was annoying to lose those things, but they’re just things. Things can always be replaced, but data can’t. This is how I learned to take proper backups. Now I’m using DejaDup and rsync to do backups to my “home server”, and from that I do an offsite backup to my hosting provider. This should be enough for the next disaster, right?

Nu kan du köpa Lovegra och behandla din impotens med viagra för kvinnor i Sverige. Det storsäljande potensmedlet Viagra som ökar männens erektionsförmåga skulle också kunna hjälpa kvinnor med sexproblem.

Hmm, what other things has happened? Last spring when I was in Hong Kong I took the ferry over to Macau and tried the world’s highest bungy jump (233m). It was a bit disappointing. The scariest part was standing with my toes over the edge and looking down, but when I had started to fall it wasn’t so bad. I must be built the wrong way since I didn’t get a crazy adrenalin rush. Strange… If you are one of the readers and passionate artists that specialize in soap making, can be very helpful for you to check the advises from scaleszen to be even better at what you do.

Anyway, I switched jobs in January to something I thought was going to be very good. Let’s just say that I got sort of blinded by the technology and didn’t look into what kind of working environment I would end up in. It turned out to be a less than pleasant working environment. The positive side of that is that I now know in what kind of company I really don’t want to work… 😉 Another very positive thing is that it in the end gave me the opportunity to move to Berlin, where I’ve now been living since two weeks.

Berlin is very interesting. The tech scene in Berlin is more or less crazy. There’s tons of meetups, hackspaces, coworking places and startups. It’s amazing. I’ve also been quite active in looking for jobs and I got a very interesting offer quickly, although I won’t write about it before I’ve signed a contract…:-)


Five hour project

Me and my friend Rickard decided that we’d play around with music. We had the following criteria:

  • It should sound a bit like Skinny puppy
  • When the day is over, there must be something uploaded to soundcloud


So, here’s the result. If you’re able to discern the lyrics, you’ll realize that it’s from a chapter in a book on discrete mathematics… 🙂

  • Amsynth for a “dirty” industrial sound in the intro.
  • Qtractor for sequencing and VST hosting.
  • Hydrogen for drums with tal dub 3 and some reverb with tal reverb.
  • Extra kick drum with tal noisemaker, tal filter 2 and tal dub 3.
  • Quirky synth using tal noisemaker and tal filter 2.
  • Zynaddsubfx for bass with some overdrive and flanger.
  • Rakarrack with the JimiVibe2 setting for vocals.
  • Lyrics was “6.4 A shortest-path algorithm” from the book “Discrete mathematics” by Richard Johnsonbaugh. Yes, math book. Seriously.
  • Vocals uttered by Rickard on lots of coffee.
  • All of this running on kxstudio, which you really really really should check out.

Less is more?

I got around to fiddling a bit (no pun intended) with linuxsampler, paulstretch and the wonderful TAL plugins. Violin and glockenspiel are from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample pack. The sound levels are not properly adjusted, so there’s some clipping. Anyway, I thought it sounded rather nice anyway. Ah, the background noise is a stretched out sample from walking through the turnstiles at the Hornstull subway station…

Oh, I also went to the Rammstein concert in Stockholm the 17th of February. Finally! I’ve wanted to see them for such a long time, but never got the chance. Either (the last couple of years) the tickets were sold out even before I got a chance to, or they cancelled. My biggest disappointment was when they were supposed to play at the Arvika festival in 1998. Three days (or so) before the festival it was announced that Rammstein would cancel due to an ear infection (if I remember correctly). Guess who they got as a replacement on short notice? Only Swedes will know of course, but… You’re expecting a bunch of angry Germans on fire and instead get the Swedish artist Thomas Di Leva. No, that was NOT ok. Ok, given the circumstances it was actually kind of hilarious… 🙂

Anyway, I recorded some videos from the Rammstein concert:

Finishing off with a clip of me from the Syntax Error halloween party…

Too little, too late…

I think I need to force myself to lower my level of seriousness when it comes to this. In the previous post I wrote “the procrastination stops here”. Hmm, well, it really didn’t, did it? If I’m going to get any practice in continued writing, I need to just write. Not to sit and ponder over what/how I should write or any special category. So, here it goes…

I finally took the time to upload the videos I took at Jochen Arbeit’s gig at Fylkingen last autumn:

What I apparently did take time to upload at that time was the Einstürzende Neubauten concert a day or two before Jochen’s side project:

I also filmed some clips from the Jean Michel Jarre concert in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago:

This is when Lydmor played in Örebro at the “Live at Heart” festival:

If you haven’t heard of Lydmor, you should definitely check out her stuff. FB-link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lydmor/117954458231343

This thursday KMDFM played at Debaser, and I’m quite annoyed that my camera died with one minute left of the song. 🙁

For this post I think I’ll finish up with “Church of Emacs” from when Richard M Stallman was speaking at Stockholm university this tuesday:

First post!!!1!!!11!!oneone1!eleven

Finally I’ve actually done _something_ here… I registered excds.se and my Servage hosting account almost two years ago. During this time I kept coming up with excuses for putting anything up. “I have to read up on WordPress themes”, “I have to do/read X first before I do Y”…

Instead of going with a “perfect” plan, I’ll just let things grow organically (or fall into a disarray of bit rot) and see where it gets me…

The procrastination stops here.

And yes, I’m using a stock WP theme since it’s better to have something than trying to perfect an idea. As I was saying, procrastination is bad.